Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4th of July Party Fun!

Here is a quick rewind to look at at some of my 4th of July yummys I made this year for our 4th of July Party.  I decided to do all the desserts for this party, so this is going to me a "sweet" post :-)


4th of July Triffle dessert -
  • I got 2 pound cakes (you can use angel food as well; I bought mine from the store, but you can bake these as well), sliced them into what looked like slices of bread, and used my star cookie cutter and cut out the stars. Save the scraps, because you can use this as a filler in the middle.
  • I used white chocolate pudding and whipped cream that was thawed out (You can make your own if you want to get technical with it), and used blackberries and raspberries as my red and blue.
  • I placed the stars around the outside of the dish and began filling the center in layers of pudding, berries and whipped cream as well as the extra pieces of pound cake. The flavors were amazing!


4th of July Oreo pops -

  • I used the Birthday Bash flavored oreos (but you can use any kind). I melted my white chocolate down in a small batch (this is a two step/freezer process) and with my pop stick, twirled it in the chocolate and placed it on the inside of the opened oreo, gently pressing into the oreo crème, and replacing the other side - make sure you have enough chocolate on the stick to hold the other end on.
  • Place pops on a sheet or plate and put in freezer for a min of 30 minutes, longer if you can.
  • Once the pops are set, melt down your batch of chocolate for dipping and gently place oreo in, swirl and gently tap on the edge of dish to remove excess. I placed mine directly into my pop holder, but on wax paper laying flat is fine to.
  • While the chocolate is still wet, add sprinkles, candies or whatnot to spice them up. I used sugar crystals in blue and red. Place back into freezer to set and firm

Table scape -
  • Here you can see some of the table scape of my oreo pops. To add a little something else, I had an empty glass cylinder I filled with minty blue and white candy bites.
  • There is also a Funfetti America Cake in the background (at the request of the Hubby) and instead of using the frosting to actually "frost", I warmed it up to thin it out, added some food color and drizzled it on. I added the enclosed star shaped sprinkles for some bling.

In the below picture is a few more of my table scape (Which needs much improving, but I got lazy by the time the party started).

Shown in the bottom half of this photo, is my layered jello desserts with red and blue jello and whipped cream on top.
In this picture below, I did a white chocolate covered strawberry then dipped in small grain blue sugar. This, ironically, was the most annoying dish to make, as I only used my fingers, and I kept dropping whole strawberries into the chocolate and there is really no way to stand them up to "dry", so most of my strawberries had flat backs from being placed onto the was paper after dipping.
Oh well - these were the first to go anyway!
In the second half of the photo is my red white and blue fizzy drink, which is just plain sprite with red and blue tinted, star shaped ice cubes. I found these trays at the dollar store and really loved how they looked...
**NOTE: Make sure your sprite is really really cold when you make this and wait to add your ice cubes until the last minute - by the end of the day (or whenever it gets warm enough to start melting the ice cubes), the fizzy drink will turn purple - which the kids actually really liked :-)


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