Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY - Dog "Envelope" bed - Or, Dog beds with Blankets Attached

We have two little puppies (well, they are grown now, pretty much) named Charlie and Lucy. They are both full of an insane amount of energy, and at the end of the day, like any good dog, they love to sleep hard.

However, this usually means they sleep in the bed with me and Hubby.

Which really means, they like to sleep with ME, at/on my feet, under the blankets. It gets very uncomfortable and hot and annoying when they want to growl at me when I move them lol...

Anyway, I knew that there had to be a type of dog bed that I could make that would be an awesome place for the dogs to sleep, and also have a blanket for them to bury and snuggle into, without coming apart. I found a few tutorials online, and from their adaptations, I created my own DIY - Here is whatcha need!


3 yards fleece (I got this awesome brown fleece on sale for 2.86 a yard, plus 10% off!!)
sewing machine
Sewing notions (pins, scissors and thread)

I have included some pictures of my drawing of how to assemble, but I will do a step by step as well to hopefully help with the visual!

1. Open up one yard of fleece, right side up. using long pins, mark where the fold will be from the left and the right (this is the size that the pillow will be)

2. With the half yard, open LONG WAY and pin in place (using folds) to fit within the markings of the folds (I did the top of the blanket, where the dog goes in, a few inches below the top marking) - you can sort of see the folds here

3. Once the sides and bottom are pinned in place, sew around the edge of the "blanket" part

4. Fold over and pin the left side, careful not to "catch" the blanket part in the seam - sew seams
4. Fold over and pin the right side - sew seams
4a: ***If you are experienced in sewing, you can fold over both sides, pin and sew at once***

5. Turn right side out - you will have the "blanket" part on one side, and the other will have a slip cover back, where you insert 2 standard pillows

 Here is Lucy sniffing out her new bed...

Here are my graphics (visuals) for you to follow if you need them:

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