Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Harry Potter Robe for Jackson

So for Jackson's first Halloween, he is going to be Harry Potter. Hubby is going to be Hagrid and I am going to be professor Trewalney.

We like Harry Potter in my house :-)

I did not want to spend 12.95 on a pattern for Jack for that ONE element of a robe - I knew that surely I would be able to find something online and it really couldn't be THAT hard to do without a pattern.

I did a few internet searched and found variations of how to make the robe, but the one I liked most was this one, which, coincidently, did have a rough pattern that I was able to adapt. Here is the pattern I used:

(you can also link to her site here. )

I taped a few pages of white copy paper together, and freehand, traced the pattern, then cut out. I tried to estimate the size for jack, and overall, the end project was pretty close! (but more on that later!)

The hood ended up being a lot smaller than I thought, so I would def. say try increasing this a bit - the hood looks nice (on my version) but def. not functional!

I did not use the "hood lining" because I could not figure out how to measure it out, so instead, I did a COMPLEATE lining - so basically I cut everything out in the black, then everything out in the red. I had left over Red Satin from a previous project, so I only needed to buy the black fabric - worked out great!!

If you have a good sense of sewing, this pattern is easy enough to not really need directions. If you need help, click on the link above and follow some of the directions from the site to get the basic idea.

For me, since I free handed the pattern, I realized when I went to attach the sleeves, that I needed FOUR cuts of each the black and the red - I'm not sure where I messed up my measuring, but I just sewed the two sides together, then pinned to the armhole, sewed and it was fine - a little jagged on the overall outside seam, but really, he won't notice! :-)

Once I made each "robe" (The red for the lining and the black for the outer) I placed them right sides together, and sewed around the edges, then turned right side out, pressing the seams down.

My sleeves were a toughie, and because I was being impatient, I just did a quick hem to the inside.

Once that was done, I flipped the bottom of the robe to be right sides together, sewed and then returned to right-side out, then did a small stich to close up the hole.

I have a patch I need to print onto Iron On transfer paper and attach to the right as well, to really give it some "authenticity"!

Overall, this was a good pattern and for me, not using a "real" pattern and free handing it, I think I did pretty well!! Please let me know if you have any questions on it!!

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