Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Color glass vase

I found this idea on Pintrest (as most of my randomness found here). I found the idea genius and a mental slap of, "why didn't I think of that?!"

Anyway, this was fairly simple and easy, but here are the step by step directions.

1. Find/buy clear vases in any shape. I found mine at my local thrift store for .40 cents each. Crazy right? These are the vases that delivered flowers come in that most people either throw away or get rid of.

2. At your local craft store, pick a color that you want to use as your accent color for the room. For these, I choose a burgundy color for my "PARIS" themed guest bathroom. the paint cost me .88 cents.

3. WASH AND DRY the inside of the vases well - otherwise the paint won't stick properly and/or will get dust granules under the paint.

4. SQUEEZE!! put in most of or all of the paint into the vase. While squeezing, rotate the vase so that all the edges and inside are being coated. When you have fully coated the inside, tip up the vase and return excess into the paint bottle.

(this may take a few minutes, but its important to get rid of the extra. ALSO, when returning the left over paint into the bottle, make sure to tip the vase at an angle, otherwise it will drip from the ENTIRE rim of the vase and make a big mess).

5. Stand up and let dry - I let mine dry for about 24 hours before I put in my silk flowers.

TA-DA! A shiny color vase for any room without paying 39.99 from a retailer...accent with a ribbon, charms etc to fit your room.

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