Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY photo frame wall art - Cheap way to add a modern twist to any room!

I always check out the photo frame section of the thrift store whenever I go, because I can ALWAYS find cheap decent frames for as little as .50 cents. Most of them are chipped or nicked or a really bad color. 

Nothing a can of spray paint, a drill and a glue gun can't fix!!

Besides the obvious redo of just spray painting the frame and using it for pictures, I wanted to do some frame art for the Yellow and Gray room.

I laid out my frames in what order I wanted them once I was ready to hang it - be mindful of how it may sit against the wall. Make sure your supporting frame (the one that will be hanging) is the bottom layer and has a good hanging bracket. Build the other layers on top of that.

Once I figured out how I wanted them to go, I took them outside, spray painted them in the 3 colors I wanted (to match my room) and then let dry. 

Once all the pieces dried, I got out the drill and some screws and attached the frames to each other.

In hindsight, I probably used the wrong kind of screws, and some of my frames were REALLY hard to get through, and I ended up cursing a lot. in some places it split my frame and took off some spray paint, but a quick touch up fixed that.

Once it was screwed in place and attached, I took back outside and blasted it with a clear coat of spray, just to give it a little shiny look.

When it was dry and I went to take it inside, one of my not so good screws came out and I decided it might be best to reinforce the screws with a little hot glue.

You can never have enough uses for a glue gun!!

Anyway, once everything was dry and NOT going to plop apart on me, I centered it on my wall, screwed in a screw and hung it up, I had to play with the balance a little just because of awkward shapes, but it worked perfect!

I LOVE it!!!

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