Friday, January 17, 2014

CTRL ALT DEL wall art

My husband loves the CTRL ALT DEL pillows from the TV show "two and a half men" (The new version with ashton Kutcher) that are on the couch in the living room off the kitchen. I really wanted to make him some pillows like that (I found them online for 60+ dollars!!) but I also knew that he didnt really have a place to put them....

So, instead, I made some super cute wall art peices to go above his computer desk... Aren't I such a thoughtful wife?? :-)

I started by picking my font, and because I didnt have the right "keyboard" Font, I just used what I had with my Cricut and cut the letters to fit inside the frame I bought (1.00 at walmart!)

I chose a chevron card stock paper that matched the maroon color contact/vinyl. I started with the last letter to line up the lettering to the far right of the frame. And yes, the "ALT" has the chevron going in the opposite direction; I made it that way!

Ta-Da! A quick and easy project for some computer wall art :-) What kind of wall art have you done with Cricut?

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