Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY - (baby) girl NO SEW Tutu!


So, I call this post a "Baby" girl tutu tutorial, but really, this can be made for big girls too!! I especially love that this is a no sew (I wish I knew how to do this a few years ago!) and will take just an hour to make. This is also a good project for older kids to do if you want to keep their hands busy!

For this one, I made it for a new born (yet to arrive!) and I got 4 yards of white and 4 yards of pink - looking back, I probably could have done just 2 yards of each and still had left over.

Granted, this depends on how POUFY you want your tutu to be :-) The 8 yards total I had made 2 tutu's and had some left over!!

First, I laid out my folded Tulle and stacked the white on the pink. I cut down the length (at the fold) so that I now had 4 pieces of 4 yards.

Once that was done, I folded the tulle in half (so I had 2 yards) and cut along the short side (so I now had 8 layers - follow so far?)

Then I folded all those layers in half, lengthwise, to make cutting my strips easier - I cut my strips about two inches wide.

Once all the cutting was done, you should end up with a big pile of strips that are about 2 inches wide, and about 12 -15 inches long.

**If you want to do this an easier way, get the spools of tulle and just make 12-15 inch cuts! **

Next, get your length of elastic (not shown) and measure it to the size you want it to be- remember to take into account any stretch you need/want.

Sew the ends closed using a sewing machine and go over it a few times :-)

**I used a wide ribbon on my 2nd one I made, and I sort of wrapped it around the elastic, like a casing. You  can do this or not, but if you use a ribbon, it comes out a little more tidy and with more flair...** (sorry there are no pictures :-(  )

Now here comes the part which might sound confusing: Make a loop so the tails are even. Wrapping it around the elastic, put the tails through the loop and gently pull down, so that the tulle is not attached to the elastic.

Do this all the way around, in whatever pattern you want - I did mine alternating pink and white, but you can do all one color, multi color etc. Personal preference :-)
Here is the finished tutu!! Look out for the DIY baby shower gift it will go with!!
I think I am going to make a tutu for Tori for Christmas, as well as some other girls that I have to find Christmas Gifts for - and don't lie!! You know you totally want one!!!

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