Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY Christmas Ornaments - take 2


As promised, here is Christmas Ornaments part 2.

I was on pintrest last night, laying in bed trying to go to sleep (well, on the couch since little Jack Jack is in a "I do not want to sleep in my crib only in my swing" mood)  and I came across a very cute "Cupcake Ornaments" tutorial. I also had everything I needed to make them....So, as any normal person would do, I got up and as quietly as I could so as not to wake the baby, I made these!

The ones I saw online were pink, and they had real sprinkles, however, after searching my kitchen, I could not find my sprinkles. I will have to find them tho, because I really do think that these would look better with them on it, instead of my sparkle and glam.


Additionally, I need red pompoms for the "Cherries" as these didn't really work as well as I wanted them to.
So, uber quick tutorial:
glass/plastic bulbs
acrylic pain in the same/opposite color
sparkles or sprinkles
foam/paint brush
Cupcake liners
I globed a bunch of paint on the top and tried to make it look frosting as much as possible. I did it thick so that it gave it some dimension and then while it was wet, added the sparkles.
I pulled out the hot glue gun and glued the cupcake liner to the bulb, and the "cherry" pompom to the top.
And....that's it! Super easy!
I am going to re-make these using real sprinkles and getting some red pompoms for cherries and I think maybe try a red bulb with white "frosting" and call it Red Velvet Christmas Cake...
Or maybe, blue with pale Pink "frosting" and sparkles and call it Tiffany Blue box Cake...
Or....  Or......

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