Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Fall Wreath - Dollar Store items!!

So, I love to get crafty around the holidays, and I love to make the house festive, much to my husbands rolling eyes. Secretly, I know he loves it, so he just smiles and nods when I say I am going to do something crafty to make it feel more holidaesque!

This week, I wanted to do something for fall, and I thought a wreath was a perfect idea. Last year, we just had a simple mini scarecrow on the door, which was great, but I really wanted to get into something MORE, it gave me a reason to use my gluegun this week!

I went to the dollar store (Which, by the way, is a great place to find tons of stuff for crafts) and was looking for stuff to make a wreath that had more of a modern feel, but the particular element I was looking for they didn't have, but the beautiful silk flowers were calling my name, and I just couldn't resist!

I picked up all these items and created my wreath for $12.00 - I am so excited about this fact that I just had to start it at 10pm last night.

Items needed: (I bought from the dollar store)

Floral Wreath
  • 2 rolls of Fall themed wired ribbon
  • 4 stems of Leaves (each stem had about 5-6 branches of leaves)
  • 5 stems of different fall colored floral stems

Stuff I had at home:

  • Hot Glue gun

To put together:

  • I took a piece of the ribbon and made a large loop for the hanging section, and once I knew what was up, the rest was easy!
  • I scored the plastic around the smaller stems of my floral bunches, and snapped the wire, leaving about 1-3 inches below the bloom or leaf. I decided to hot glue most of the stuff to the floral wreath instead of trying to insert the stems, because I didn't want green floral stuff all over my floor and because it was going on my outside door, I didn't want to chance the wind pulling it apart.
  • I did the base of wreath with the leaves, putting them in all different directions and some around the side to fill it in, but didn't fully cover the green - I knew I was going to be adding other stuff, and I didn't want to "over do it" -- haha
  • Next, I started with my bigger flowers and sporadically placed them to start covering some of the green areas, again on the sides as well, to fill in.
  • I took one roll of my fall wired ribbon and made a few "bubbles" and hot glued into random places, to give the wreath a little fuller look. I only did two places with the bubbles, because I was going to attempt a big bow for the bottom. :-)
  • Once I got my big flowers in, I started poking in my smaller florals, using dollops of hot glue to hold it in. On some of my stems, I did poke it into the wreath and used hot glue around the stem and below the bloom before pressing in, like in the below picture:

  • Once I got my florals and leaves on, I made an attempt at a bow, making it with 4 loops on each side and a long tail. I hot glued that sucker on, and added a few more blooms in the center (see what I mean about "over doing it"??)
  • Then, as if by magic, it was complete! I had just enough volume and florals and I knew that it was perfect and any more would ruin it :-)

I took it outside and hung it up - it looks FANTASTIC!!


I now want to make a million more of these!!

Happy Crafting!!

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