Friday, September 20, 2013

Little Girl's Nail Polish Gift Box

I don't know about you, (or the little princess in your life) but we LOVE nail polish and nail art and nail stickers and nail jewels and....well, you get the idea.

So I wanted to create a fun "grown up" box of nail stuff for Victoria that was all her own (but to be used with adult supervision, of course!). I was wondering around the dollar store and found some things that would go perfectly in the blue pencil box I also picked up.

(Awwww....see her diva picture in the background?? So cute!)

Anyway, here is what I included:

  • 5 bottle of nail polish - mostly sparkly!!
  • a nail brush
  • a pack of sticker nail covers
  • a toe separator for those awesome pedicures
  • polish and flower sticker pack
  • stick on nail jewels
  • a pair of warm and fuzzy foot socks
  • a pumice stone (its never too early to learn feet maintenance!)
  • Nail polish remover wipes (she is 5 after all - no spills!)

I love this idea for her because it makes her feel grown up and special, as well as it is contained and I can (mostly) count on it being kept in a neat box instead of all over the floor or bathroom or kitchen table.

This also is a great idea for quite mommy/daughter time, as well as something to do with her girlfriends who come over, or when the weather isn't so nice. Not to mention, it forces her to sit still for a decent amount of time and allows me to do an extra chore or make a meal.

These little boxes would be great for gifts for a girls party, sleepover party or even for a bachelorette party (with more high-end products).

You can tailor these to each girl (or your one special princess) with a name put on with stickers or paint to really personalize it.

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