Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY monthly tie Onsies

Baby Shower Gift Basket
So when my sister in law found out she was having a boy, I was SUPER excited, since I was also having a boy and we just knew they would be the bestest cousins ever! I wanted to come up with a really awesome gift, something crafty and home made, but something also very useful to her.
I knew she was very much into the "milestone" photos, and even did her weekly "baby bump" photo using a T-shirt and a calendar of weeks on it, which she marked with a red X. Everyone looked forward to these photos!
So, I decided to put together an awesome gift basket, and include a 12 month set of onsies, each one having a month on it, because I just knew she would love to use these in her milestone photos for my nephew. She of course loved them, and it at least is a gift that you know will get used!!
Things you need:
  • blank Iron on transfer sheets (A 3 pack is all you need for these)
  • a color printer
  • scissors
  • iron/ironing board
  • 12 onsies - 3 in 0-3 months, 3 in 3-6 month, 3 in 6-9 months, 3 in 9-12 months
    • Depending on the season/weather, you can opt to do a few in long sleeve
  • Click here to open and save the PDF for the necktie printable
    • (This PDF is from How to Nest for Less, which is linked here. Her version is for stickers, while these are for more permanent application)
  • Sewing machine
  • white or color coordinating thread
How To:
**Make sure to set up your iron on transfers so that the adhesion side is NOT the part you print on - depending on your printer type and how your paper is fed, you may need to insert "shiny" side up or down.
  • Open the PDF and select your printer settings. Each page will print 4 neck ties
  • Once you have printed the ties, use the scissors to carefully trim around the ties
  • Starting with month 1 and going up, pair the month with the appropriate sized onsie
  • Pull out the ironing board and get to work! make sure to apply even and heavy pressure onto the tie, to make sure the tie is attached and fully fused to the onsie
  • After all the ties have been ironed on, use your sewing machine and do a simple straight stich around the tie. I did a line of stich across the "knot" and the tie itself to give a more polished look
  • Fold or roll neatly, exposing the number of the month outward for best presentation
  • Present onsies in a gift basket, box lined with tissue paper, folded square and stacked, tied with ribbon etc. - The possibilities are endless!
How FUN are these!!! I wish I had thought to do them for my own son, but it was neat creating these, and I know my sister in law enjoys them! And as seen below, my little nephew does too!!

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