Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Football baby onsies

So once I wrote the blog entry last week about doing the iron on transfers for my sister in law, I decided I wanted to do some for my son. Since it is football season and all, I figured what a better way to do something crafty and make cute football gear for Jackson at the same time?

So the last time I was at the store, I picked up a 3 pack of long sleeved onsies and a 10 pack of transfer paper from the craft section. It was not the same type of paper I used for my sister in laws baby tie onsies, and it was neither blown away by the result nor unhappy - just moderately ok with the results, but knowing it will be on a baby who will eventually throw up on it, I was good with it :-)
Items needed:
  • As many as you want to make of Onsies (I did three long sleeve)
  • Transfer paper
  • Iron/Iron board
  • scissors
  • Printer
Here is the brand I used for these transfers:

How To:
  • These were pretty simple, and because they were going on onsies, I opted to do each logo in a 5x8 print section, so one sheet of transfer did two logos.
  • I went online and did a yahoo image search of the logos I wanted, then "flipped" the images in a paint or picture program, and saved them.
  • I opened up the print function, the two images I wanted, and printed them out, with the image on the "non-glossy" side (make sure to check your directions - each transfer brand has different directions)
  • Once printed, I quickly cut around the image in preparation to transfer. I placed the logos in the middle and with my iron on high, I pressed HARD into the transfer and to the onsie.

I was happy with how they turned out, kind of like a "burn out" effect, but I think that if I had left the heat on a little longer and pressed a little harder, that the coloring would have popped more.
And, as it was, Jackson did throw up all over his Ravens onsie not long after I put it on him...Good thing we still had two more to change in to!!
I will probably come up with a few more types of transfer ideas for onsies, just because they are really simple and easy to create using Yahoo images and a paint program. Stay tuned and we will be surprised together! :-)

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