Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY - ChalkBoard on a Silver Tray

I have been debating what to do with Chalkboard paint and on what to make a chalkboard. I was going to use this mirror thing I had, but it had a white boarder and besides the kids room, I really don't have a place for it.

I had found a few silver trays last week and have used them for various projects and thought I would try a silver tray with the chalkboard paint.

I used blue tape to tape off the edges of the tray, and I found this more difficult than I thought it would be, because of the scroll edges :-/ it took a lot of strips of blue tape to curve those edges lol

Once it was all taped off, I sprayed about 3 layers of chalkboard paint and let it dry. When it was dry completely, I gently pulled away the blue tape to expose the edges -

I had to dig through Tori's play closet to find some chalk, but I did find some :-) My board works and I really like it - I just don't know yet where to put it...

(Although, I am in the process of painting/striping my laundry room, so maybe I can find space for it in there?)

Happy Crafting!!


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