Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY - Subway Art in frames and Modge poge!

I fell in love with "subway art" recently, after seeing some really cool variations online on yahoo and on Pintrest. I really wanted to do this, but could not find ANY links to really good sites that help create these.

You could use Microsoft word, but it was a LOT of work and became too tedious to be fun. I scoured blogs and search engines, hoping that someone had found a good and WORKABLE link to a site that made making subway art easy.

I did finally find it at PICMONKEY and by far, this is a GREAT site to create these subway art pieces.

A few drawbacks to know:

  • You can not "save" mid creation, if you don't have the "royale" membership - I do not know the cost, I always just clicked ignore - if its not expensive and you want the option, by all means, go for it.
  • Some items are only good with Royale membership (pics, clipart etc)
  • you can not "reopen" a saved file to continue editing - you need to either finish or throw it away.

Anyway, here is how I made mine: -)

  • I printed out my files on some scrapbook paper

  • I did two of these, one for my son and one for a friends new baby. I did Jacks on a wooden plaque that I picked up at a thrift store and painted over, and my friends I put in a frame, (also found at the thrift store) and I spray painted it pink.
  • Here is the plaque I painted over with blue, before putting on the Subway art.

  • Once the paint was dry all the way, I put on a thin layer of Mod and positioned my page. My page was an 8.5x11 but the wooden piece I was using was just a little bigger, but because I painted it, the blue showed through nicely.


  • After I pressed in the page, I rubbed gently with my finger to get out any air bubbles and smoothed the page as best I could without tearing it - so just be gentle. After all the bubbles were out, I slathered on another thin layer of Mod!

  • See how nice and shiny the mod podge makes everything??

  • Then, just let the mod podge dry and your done!

  • Here it is on the wall :-) I really really love it!

  • For my friends baby, (who had a girl) I did hers in a glass frame. This frame I bought at the thrift store and spray painted a pretty pale pink color - this is the after...I just wish I had taken a before photo to show you how really well things polish up with a little spray paint :-)

  • I printed her Subway art out on two different pages, but she liked the one printed on white first, so I went with that one.

  • This was easier to do since it was just going in a frame, but I LOVED the way it looked (espec. on the embellished paper I used!)

And there you go! An easy peasy subway art tutorial!!

Happy Crafting!!

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