Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Take 1



I really wanted to have my hand at some DIY Ornaments - I LOVED the old world look of them, and the twine I think really brought it together. Here is a quick tutorial on the first few that I did - I labled this entry "Take 1" because I will be trying a few other techniques in the next few weeks or so!

I bought this box of glass ornaments from the thrift store for 1.00 There were a few ornaments missing and they didn't have hooks, but they were perfect for my practice ornaments!!

First thing I did was figure out what paper I wanted to use - I had two different types to try - one was a sheet of regular paper (the one with the music notes) and the other was a heavy "tissue" type paper.
I used my paper cutter to cut some strips out, and using my trusty mod poge, I slathered on the stuff, and then randomly put the strips of paper on.
I added strips until the entire bulb was covered. With gentle hands, I rolled the ball making sure all the paper was nice and tight against the bulb and there were no rough edges.

Once the paper was on, I let it dry slightly, then prepared it for the sparkle-y glitter!! I used a larger flaky iridescent glitter to give it a whimsical snow-y Christmas feel!

I propped it on a candle stick to dry.....
Once that was done, I sprayed a light layer of CLEAR sealant (to seal in the sparkles!!) and I got out my little paper tags, used the hole punch and threaded it with twine, and threaded through the top of the bulb.
For the most part, they came out ok, but I wasn't 100% happy with the way they finished...

Stay tuned for Christmas Ornaments Take 2!

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