Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY - double teir silver tray server/sorter

Here is a simple easy DIY for today -

  • Silver trays from thrift store
  • candle stick from thrift store
  • silver spray paint from Lowes
  • Hot Glue gun

  • Spray paint the candle stick until completely dry
  • hot glue base of candle stick to the top of your tray
  • hot glue candle stick to bottom of your top tray

Take a mess like this: (this is real - not a staged photo - ask my hubby!)


And use your new two tier trays for this:

Its pretty awesome for its use, however, I don't know if it makes it really any more or less "easier" or "cleaner" lol...I think I might end up using this on my dessert table during the holidays or if I keep it in the bathroom, just put some pretty soaps, potpourri and candles instead.

Happy Crafting!!

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