Monday, November 4, 2013

DIY Baby Changing Clutch

I work in an OBGYN's office, and I really get invested with the patients, and we have a girl who is having her first baby and we got invited to her baby shower. I, however, will be in Atlanta for a football game (GO Seahawks!!) and wont be able to make it. So I am making her a little gift box.

Ta-da! I made a diaper changing pad which folds neatly into a clutch for easy transport. I made this one in about 10 minutes (Crazy!!) however, I wont be giving this one to her - I used some left over fabric to do this try out, and while I loved the idea of using an iron on decal (one I printed myself) the decal was one that had a weird peel and iron backing that left a lot of the white space on the graphic. Wasn't much of a fan.


Anyway, here is a quick tutorial!

  • roughly 1/2 yard of fabric each of 2 contrasting colors/patterns
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron on Velcro tabs
  • single layer batting

I was using an old scrap piece of fabric that already had a slight curve to it, so I actually just kept this to make where my fold/flap would be.

I pinned the fabrics right side together....

.....then placed the batting down and pinned before trimming away the excess fabric....

I left the top section of my fabrics without the batting, because otherwise it was going to be too thick to fold down properly...

I played with the folds until I got the spacing correct and got the effect of  a clutch that I wanted.

It folded just the way I though it would!!

Once I got that situated, I literally just sewed around the WHOLE thing, leaving a small opening at the bottom to turn right side out. because my two fabrics were already right side together, I could sew the batting to either side and when turned, it still would be inside.

You can see here it turned inside out nicely ...
Once that was done, I went over the outside edge again with a straight stich, although this would be nice in a zig-zag or possibly even a double straight stich.

And there you have it! I sewed a straight stich in the places it would be folded (mostly for a deco look). I did my little iron on decals and did my iron on Velcro tabs where they were supposed to go...



 I decided that I did like how it turned out (style wise) but that it wasn't nice enough to use for her gift (seeing that the fabrics were recycled). I am doing another one this week. Included will also be 2 onsies with iron on decals and a pink baby tutu in a cute pink box.

What else could go with this as gift set?  Do/did you use this for your baby?

Happy crafting!!







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