Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY - Project DIY Jewlery - M&J Trimming

A friend of mine who works in the office with me, runs her own blog about her subscription boxes, makeup boxes, free products she gets to try and lot of reviews!!  She brought this DIY jewelry Box in today By Project DIY (Click here to see their page!) and the one she got today for me to try out and review was the Joan Of Arc collection.

You can check out Christy's blog here at to see her contests, freebies, review and many subscription boxes!

Anyway, This is a jewelry box that she had me try and I was excited to pull everything out. This box came with the tools (pliers and cutters) but I do not think these actual box comes with these.

There were two projects to do: A chainmail necklace and a cuff bracelet. I just did the necklace today.

I think that it was a good estimate of time that they gave (25 minutes) and I took this time and a little longer. This is because the necklace was broken in the middle and it took forever to get the links lined up the right way to put back together. That took about 10-15 minutes.

The directions were very easy to follow, and in color - the only drawback was that you had to go online to get the directions - this is probably to draw traffic to the site, but it would be a pain in the butt for a young adult or older person to go online etc. It would be nice to have the print outs in the box.

I loved that this was a mixed metal collection and that really, everything was included! I like that the instructions were clear, but that you didn't have to ONLY do what they wanted - you can get really creative with it.

I really liked the small embellishments that were included, and was happy with the glue that was provided too! Seems like it would mean not having to go looking through craft boxes for craft glue or having to stop to go to the store. This was very convenient and very smart!!

The detail in the beads and chainmail were very beautiful - I love the possibilities it can have, and the chainmail makes it very easy to add any of your own elements that you have on hand...I think I will be wearing this with my New Years Eve Outfit !

Overall, this is a fun kit and I would use this kind of kit again and probably use it as a gift to my little sister, who LOVEs doing fun stuff with jewelry.


What are some of your FAVORITE jewelry trends right now?

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