Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Christmas Wreath - Part 2


I LOVE this wreath too!!! Part of my Saturday craft day was making some Christmas wreaths with my friend and Co-worker Lydia...This is hers, but you can see mine here).

This is the one she did, and I got her permission to post a quick tutorial and some pictures!

As you can see here, I did kind of miss a photo op - however, this is a regular foam wreath she picked up at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon too!) and some white snowflake wired ribbon. She hot glued a tack down starting on the back side and wrapped the ribbon wide around the wreath, using a tack of glue every so often to keep it from slipping.

Once the ribbon was wrapped, we made a quick bow, and hot glued that down, with the two tails glued separately in order to keep the bow straight. Also, a loop was hot glued to the back for the holder.

Then a few sprigs of greenery, bulbs and berries were placed in the center of the bow to create a full effect, and then added red and white glitter snowflakes to the top left and lower right side...


And here it is on her door!!! I really love the simplicity but awesome beauty of this!!! Plus the glitter is fabulous!!! :-)

Also, since I had a two pack of glitter deers, she used one in the center of hers for a fun element!! I just LOVE it!!

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