Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY - Hot Chocolate in Jar!!


I mean, seriously, how AWESOME are these??!!?? And perfect for the holidays!!

So I did not take pictures as I assembled, but I am pretty sure most of you all can follow directions without the visuals :-)

Needed: (the below will make roughly 4 jars of "coco for two")

Mason Jars (I found these 1pint sized ones at the dollar store!)
1 can of Coco Powder (I had some on hand, but a container is roughly 2-3 bucks)
1 bag of Chocolate chips
1 bag of mini marshmallows
1 bag of Red (or green?) white chocolate melts
1 bag of starlight mints
Decorative paper or toppers for jar lids (not shown)
Tags or stickers if you wanna get fancy-schmancy

  • take 1/3 cup of coco powder and layer it in the bottom of the jar (I used a paper funnel to help keep the coco off the sides of the jar
  • next layer 1/3 cup of white sugar (you could probably do raw sugar too)
  • I did roughly 1/2 cup of chocolate chips for the next layer, but really I just did enough to cover the sugar
  • I did the same thing with the red candy melts - I thought this was a nice pop of color and when this white chocolate gets melted with the dark chocolate - ooohhh...its gonna be good!
  • Then I stuffed a bunch of mini marshmallow in the top
  • Since this is coco for  two, I put four mints on top - my original jar I tried to smash some pieces and sprinkle it in, but honestly, this was much easier and I think a lot prettier!
  • Screw on lid and your done!!

The instructions on the attached card would read:
"Hot coco for Two! - open jar and remove marshmallow and mints. In a small sauce pan, gently boil 2 cups of milk (Whole milk is preferred) and 1 cup of water. Pour in the remaining jar contents until it almost reaches a gentle boil. Remove from heat and pour into two tall mugs. Add marshmallows and mints."
Obviously, you can word this in any way, with pretty font and bullets etc. Eventually, these will have chocolate covered spoons to be attached and to be used with these jars.

I hope you all like this tutorial and have fun putting these together! Keep an eye out for more DIY jars to come - planning on tutorial for Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies and Chocolate chip pancakes!! (Can you tell I love chocolate chips!!??)

What other neat DIY's can you put in a Jar?


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