Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY - Toddler dress to Big Girl Apron!

Ok, so I posted about a month back of a dress to apron tutorial, which was a lined dress, and was very pretty, but took some time (see this tutorial here. )

This one was a little easier, as this was for a waist apron, vs the around the neck full apron.

This originally started as a weird looking toddler dress and was, it looked like, a home economic or self made dress that was recycled to the thrift store. I picked it up for the wide ribbon at the waist, the bright colors and the mix of dots and stripes, as well as the "sparkle" bedazzle look that was embellished on the skirt.

This was really easy to take apart - seam ripped up each side and at the shoulders. I took of the ribbon which was stitched on after (so not apart of the seams originally) and set it aside. I cut the bodice of the dress JUST about the arm pits to make a straight edge at the top of the stripe.

I ironed out all the pieces, made a quick seam attaching the tie to the new "top" of the apron and then ran a quick running stitch to hold the crease in place and for decorative purposes. I also re-did the side hem and a decorative zig-zag stitch at the bottom.

This is going into the baking box for a 7 year old - I think this came out really well and for 2.50 and a DIY recycle/up cycle this is perfect!

What kind of thrift store clothing have you upcycled?

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