Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Cupcakes - Take 3!


Okay, Okay. So maybe I obsess just a little??

I mean, perfection takes time!

And I think I found it this go round!!

(In case you wanna start with Part 1, click here  and to see Part 2, click here.)

Picture above has what I used, but a quick run down:
  • Glass bulbs
  • cupcake liners
  • white acrylic paint
  • REAL sprinkles! (Whoo hoo!)
  • and some Christmas trim things that look like cherries
  • Paint brush
Same as the last one, I dabbed on some white paint and when it was about 30% dry, I put on those sprinkles!!
Once the paint was 100% dry, I hot glued the "cherry" on and it looked PERFECT!! Hot glued the liner on the bottom and they were done!! LOVE THEM!! 

 I mean really, who doesn't like cupcakes that don't make you gain weight!?


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