Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY - Christmas Wreath - Part 1


I love Christmas!!! And I love to make wreaths!!! I think I love this one even more than my Fall wreath!! (You can see this one here!)
And here is the link to the DIY wreath part 2.
Anywho, Here are some pictures and few tips!!
On this craft day, it was myself and a friend who got together to do some Christmas wreaths - I am doing two different posts/tutorials, as we both did something a little different :-)
We first dumped everything into the middle of the table!
I then scored and snapped off all the metal pieces of floral stems and stacked them up. most of my pieces came from the dollar store!!  I think about 10 bucks for all you see here!!

I hot glued and then wrapped my wire edge ribbon loosely around the wreath to give it some bulk and figured I would place my items around and between it...

I started adding in my pinecones, pieces of flora's and berries...

I picked up two of these glitter reindeers and I really thought it would be cool to have it as dangle effect in the middle of my wreath!

I managed to stick a glitter bow on the bottom and I think I had just enough glitter, gold and bling to bring the festivities to my door!!



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