Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pullover sweater to Zipper hoodie - A DIY life Hack for a Seahawks sweater

I love zipper hoodies, but really don't care much for pull over sweaters...so, I've decided to add some zippers to several of my pull overs...Last night I did a Seahawks sweater! We are going to the Seahawks/Falcons game this week, and while I do have some Seahawks tees, I really wanted a sweater.
First, I made sure my zipper was long enough - this is a "24 inch zipper, and while it did come up far enough, I think a 26 or 28 inch zipper would have been good too.
I lined it up and tried to make it as center as possible...
Once that was done, I took my scissors and went to town, straight up, through the pocket and to the top...

Once that was done, I placed my zipper up to the edge of the cut, and pinned in place. using my zipper foot, I stitched it down, tucking the ends of the zipper into the end stitches.

I closed the zipper, pinned to the other side, right to the edge, and then stitched. I turned it back out and ta-da!!


For a more finished look, you can stitch down over the TOP OUTSIDE section to reduce the "bubble" next to the zipper closure - I am going to do this, however, I did not as of this post...
What are some other easy "hacks for clothing" do you have??