Friday, November 8, 2013

The UGlee Pen - Awesome Ergonomic Pen for writing!!

So I got these pens last week and I was SUPER excited to try them!! I work in a Dr. Office and am constantly writing so was looking forward to trying these out.

I got three in my package, and I used one, let one of the Dr. use one and one of the nurses got to use the other one.

I really loved the soft grip sleeve! it was smooth and I could definitely feel the comfort difference then from a regular pen. I really could feel the spacing of my fingers in my grip on the pen and it was a nice hold!!

This ergonomic pen is supposed to be geared toward Drs. and people who write a lot, but I think I would even recommend this to my grandmother who has arthritis and complains of stiff fingers after writing...

The only complaint I have, as well as the others, is that it does skip more than my liking - it doesn't write as smooth as I would have hoped for, and for the cost, I would expect a little higher ink/gel ink in this.

Overall, this nice grip pen is worth the money and good for those who write a lot :-)

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