Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Toy Box with Diaper Box and contact paper

But seriously, its been a long week and its only Wednesday! I just wanted to share a quick craft idea for those pesky toys around the house (or any thing else you want to keep up off the floor and out of the way!)
I have tons and tons of these baby diaper boxes that I have full intention of using for crafts, and I finally sat down and did one!
I picked up some $1.00 tubes of contact paper and one roll is perfect for this project!
I started by cutting off all the flaps....

Then I pulled off the edge of the contact paper covering and started it half way down the box and right in the middle....
I wrapped the contact paper all the way around...
and then started tucking in the paper, pulling tight  at the sides and wrapping like a present!

 I had to do a few cuts on the corners to lay it flat and tucked in all down/in...

And now its done!!
Now Jackson's toys are all put away, and I didn't spend a fortune on a toy box but doesn't look weird with a diaper box sitting in my living room!
What other items do you use contact paper on? What other uses do you have for diaper boxes??


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