Thursday, December 19, 2013

7 Cool and Interesting Last Minute Gifts via

I love amazon!! I often just type random things in to see what neat things I can ACTUALLY buy and have sent to my door....

Anyway, seeing as it is less than a week until Christmas, here is a quick list of things that I found today that are for sale and can be on your doorstep by Saturday!!

What about this color changing shower head? This is a STEAL for a fun gift for your significant other!! ($9.99 - free shipping with PRIME)

This one is for the free spirit in your life - A Unicorn are Jerks Adult Coloring Book ($6.99)...Would be a lot of fun to pull out with a friend, a bottle of wine and some treats! If you want to get more hard core, check out this Adult Only ($7.49) themed color book!

Here is a neat desk tool for the funny pooper in your life! This toilet tape dispenser is a very clever desk accessory that will start a lot of conversations!! ($12.72 - free shipping with PRIME)

Check out this awesome manpron! This is a GREAT gift for the serious griller and fire master in your house! ($15.18 - Free shipping with PRIME)

Want to get a piggy face pancake for Christmas breakfast? Make sure to gift this pancake maker to the cook! ($9.99  - Free shipping with PRIME)

This leaky nose soap dispenser is sure to make your guests want to stay over in order to take a shower! Wouldn't this even be fun for hand soap next to your kitchen sink!!? ($7.99 - free shipping with PRIME)

If I was into guns, I would totally love this Pink Revolver Screwdriver Set!! There has to be someone that you know that would LOVE this!! ($24.99 - free shipping with PRIME)

Man....I could go on and on....Makes me want to add this to my wish list now!!

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