Thursday, December 5, 2013

Laundry Room Make over - how to paint stripes on a wall

I have been dying to redo my laundry room, and finally got around to committing to it.
I also love stripes, and I wanted to go horizontal instead of vertical. I assume that more thank likely, this is just as hard either way, but I wanted to challenge myself !
Here is the finish product, but here is some step by steps:


Starting with a blank canvas, so to speak:

As you can see, my laundry room is pretty small, and to try to avoid asking my hubby to remove the washer and dryer, I kind of worked around them for the first few days...

Originally, I was going to paint the walls white, and then do a minty green color and brown (I had the brown left over from my kitchen expedition, and the green was a "boo-boo" color from lowes that I got for $5.00)

However, the white I had on hand, was a cheap version and DID NOT cover the way I wanted it to. So after doing one wall, and 3 coats, I tossed out that idea and just painted the whole room the minty green color  I got at Lowes.

My next big idea was that I was going to then paint white and brown stripes on the wall to give it a fun multi-color pattern. However, I didn't seem to have the patience for that, and just decided it would be easier to do all one color. Besides my sanity, it was taking me almost 3 weeks to finish, because I had little Jack Jack to chase after!

Anyway, here is the photo of my green tinted walls, and the first of my stripes to go up! I used Froggy Tape - THE BEST TAPE EVER!!

So I really just started at one side of my room and moved around, using a few feet of tape at a time and using my hand held red level to 1. make sure my tape was level for my stripes and 2. I used the flat end to really press the tape down to keep leaks out and not end up with the dreaded "tape line".

After all, I do not want to do extra touch ups :-)



Ok, so I really didn't measure how far between my stripes/blocks, and I honestly think my random size pattern was fun and funky. I also was lazy and did not want to remove any shelving (over the washer/dryer) and I did not want to remove the broom/mop holder things. So I just tried to measure around them :-)
So here comes the fun part - painting again - except you need to paint the SAME color as your walls, but just at the edge of the tape. Why? Because it will "seal" the edges so when you put on your strip color, there is NO place for the color to go! (preventing leaks and "tape line"!)
Now, once this has dried COMPLEATLY (otherwise, it will smear into your other color!) you can begin painting your stripe/dominate color. Just be careful not to get paint in your sections that are supposed to still be the color of the walls :-) (Opps!)
Once the paint is on, give it a few minutes (about 20) to dry. Before the paint dries fully, begin to gently pull the  tape up, starting on one side, and going around the room...
Look how AWESOME these crisp clean lines are!!! I was SOOOO excited! Best part: NO TOUCH UPS!!


Anyway....When I did finally have to do the last finish of the room, I did have to have the hubs pull out the washer and dryer. While those were out, I cleaned the floors before finishing the paint job....cleanliness is next to holiness they say!!

I found the laundry room decal at Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off so only paid 12.50 for it - I love it, and really think it makes my laundry room pop!! I also love how my random stripes don't look awkward after all and really makes doing the laundry fun :-)

What is the next room to pain stripes in??

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