Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Christmas Eve Gift Box

So, Victoria will be at her Biological Dads for Christmas Eve and Christmas day this year, and I really wanted to do something for her to let her know I was thinking of her and have something fun to look forward to open on Christmas Eve.

So from an idea on pintrest, I decided to do a Christmas Eve Box so that even though I cant be with her, I am still there with her in spirit and she knows that I didn't forget our traditions!

I got a great deal on a Halmark Storybook Recordable "The night Before Christmas" and recorded myself reading it (these books are great, BTW!!)

I got the Ice Age Christmas movie and wrapped it with a pack of popcorn!

A new Santa Mug with 2 packets of Hot Coco, with 2 candy canes and a chocolate covered spoon to stir it with!

Also found some yummy Goldfish in "cupcake" flavor!
Tori also wanted one of my Cupcake Ornaments so I included one of those too! (see the tutorial here )

Then, I wrapped a few of the presents up, got it all to fit in the box and put some bubble bumpers in to keep things from getting crushed (I hope!)

A cool kid card and it is ready to go!! The outside of the box will have a sticker that says, "Do not open until Christmas Eve."

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