Friday, December 20, 2013

Fort Kit (Fort in a bag, Fort in a Box) a Fun Gift for kids!!

Here is a quick gift idea for the girl or boy fort builder on your gift list!! This one is for my little brother for Christmas - I hope that it holds enough entertainment for him and I hope I will get some pictures of his completed forts!

Here is a run down of what my "Deluxe Fort Kit" included:


  • nylon rope
  • 2 flashlights
  • double pack of clothes pins
  • Suction cups with hooks
  • Large plastic clips
  • two large "tents" (this is actually 2 cuts of 1.5 yards of fabric. Each pieces was hemmed on the cut side, then camo ribbon was sewn into the corners, the edge and on in the middle)
  • tape
  • thick rope
  • storage box

This can easily be adjusted for a girl (use pink items!!) and could be paired with a book, sleeping bag etc.

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