Monday, December 9, 2013

Cupcake Baker Box - GREAT DIY christmas present!!

So, when I asked my daughter what she wanted Santa to bring her, she responded with, "I want Santa to bring me a rolling pin and Fondant!!"

Needless to say, she is a girl after my own heart...I though it would be fun to put together a Cupcake Box for her (and I made one for her cousin too!)

I had been collecting things for these boxes for awhile, mostly picking up stuff for cheap or clearance at the craft store or thrift store. Some stuff from the dollar store. I'll try to keep my list neat and method of madness in line!

I bought 2 cupcake tins, that are 6 each - I figured for that age group, there is really no reason to make 2 dozen cupcakes, not to mention, the mess. 6 sounded like a good idea!

I found these cute Christmas boxes for 3.00 each at Big Lots and I was sooo excited to see that they fit perfectly!!

I laid a piece of red tissue paper over the tin, and began to fill it up! over the past few months or so, I had been collecting different fun and bright cupcake liners so that I could include various prints and colors in the boxes. I did 6 liners of each (to keep it to a 6 cupcake bake!).

I found these square plastic containers at the dollar store and they were CUTE and PERFECT for toppings!! Let me tell you what I got in them!!

1. 3 containers of "color chips" which you mix into the batter to make it look like confetti
2. sprinkles
3. marshmallows
4. mini chocolate chips
5. shredded coconut
6. Swedish Fish
7. 3 shakers of nonpareils
8. 2 shakers of colored sugar sprinkles

So additional fun things:

9. "Fun" picks for the cupcakes! animals, shapes, colors etc - most coordinated with the liners
10. 6 pastry bags
11. 1 tip and connector for pastry bags
 12. A cupcake decorating book

Ta-da!! It all fit neatly into their cute boxes!!

I didn't have room for the whisk, so I decided to get dimensional and I attached it to the wrapped aprons that I up cycled from old toddler dresses (you can see those tutorials here  and here .)

So, there ya go! A fun cupcake baking box for kids who love to bake, or for any other baker in your life!! you can even make this for the "mature" person, and add a posh twist to include fine chocolates, nonpareils, cherries etc



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